The Four Cs of Copyediting

Amy Einsohn, author of The Copyeditor’s Handbook, shares these four chief concerns that a copyeditor should focus on: Clarity Coherency Consistency Correctness Einsohn then points out that these four focuses should all serve “the ‘Cardinal C’: communication.” And that’s really all a copyeditor will focus on, nothing more, but also nothing less.  So what doContinue reading “The Four Cs of Copyediting”

A Sneaky Way to Tighten Up Your Writing

I say this a lot to writers—write first, then edit and rewrite. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get as many roadblocks out of the way when you’re writing your first draft. That is not the time to tighten up your writing. Focus on the content, not the word choice, sentence structure,Continue reading “A Sneaky Way to Tighten Up Your Writing”

Know Your Types of Editing

At some point during your writing process, you might start looking for an editor to help you out. But suddenly you see lots of different editing roles out there. What do they all do? Do you need to hire them all? Here’s a quick primer on the most common types of editing for your variousContinue reading “Know Your Types of Editing”